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Welcome to Boles Auto EDU online. Automotive Education for Everyone.

Our classes contain the premium information that is usually reserved for the elite of the industry. Now all of this info is YOURS!

FREE TUTORIALS just for Signing Up! 

  Our tutorials will help you save money and stay safe. We can’t wait for you to learn from us. Sign up and start saving money today! 


Learn At Your Own Pace

Download our courses so you can go back and refresh your knowledge. Our courses are packed with information that will benefit you for years to come.

Feel SAFE on the road.

When you know the “why” and “how” about your vehicle you can feel confident about your travels. Knowing – not hoping – that your vehicle is safe and ready for anything. We will teach you what you need to know.

Family Matters Most

Our courses will teach you how to ensure the safety of your family. For those who choose to Do-It-Yourself you will learn exactly what you need to be successful. For the professional mechanic you will learn techniques and tips that will increase productivity and expand ability.

Classes for WOMEN

That’s right! We are designing a class just for WOMEN. Ladies are constantly telling us how they feel that this industry takes advantage of them. Women say they are targeted for easy sales and can’t trust what they are being told. THAT STOPS HERE. This class will teach you what questions to ask, what the automotive basics are how to spot a lie. You won’t wan to miss this! Be sure to sign up so you’ll be the first to know when this must-have class is offered.


FREE TUTORIALS just for Signing Up! 

  You’ll get amazing FREE content that will help you make smarter financial decisions and keep you safe on the road. 



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Learn from a Master Mechanic

Mark Boles is an ASE Master Certified Mechanic with additional certifications beyond the master level. He was certified as a Nissan Master Technician in 2009 and first obtained his ASE Master Certifications in 2008. He has 20+ years of automotive experience. All of which he will share with you.

“I want my clients and my students to feel confident in their vehicle, in their plans and in themselves. By providing excellent service and outstanding instruction I know I’m making a positive difference in the lives of all those I meet. It is an honor to be able to help so many people.”

— Mark Boles: Owner of Boles Automotive Service Center, LLC and creator of Boles Auto EDU

Boles Automotive Service Center, LLC is based in Concord, North Carolina. We have always worked hard to ensure every customer is treated like family. I (Mark Boles) love talking with everyone. It’s what makes my shop more like my home. I have always said “Trust isn’t earned on the first visit, it’s earned on every visit.” This is so true. Especially in a world full of so many who do not value trust as much as they value the dollar. The thing about money…it never says goodbye when it leaves. I love helping people so much and I can’t wait to see who takes these classes and hear if they help them. We’ll be teaching classes on every subject – Safety, Warning Lights, Check Engine Light, Spare Tire Installation, Engine, Transmission, Driveline, Brakes, Suspension, 4WD, ABS – anti lock brake system, Cruise Control, Electrical systems and just so much more. If you’ve made it to this part of our Boles Auto EDU homepage I would like to sincerely say THANK YOU. I hope you have a wonderful and successful day!